polini cup round one

I’m home, tired and don’t want to study, so lets talk mopeds some more!

Me and some superteens went out to atwater for some good old fashioned fun, because what could be better than mopeds, racing, hanging out, and super target, all 2 hours away from anywhere you’d actually go if you were a sane being. Of course we got there late, and of course the mopeds were on the track at that percise moment, so I missed practice. I wrongfully assumed it was like last year with 4 practices, but nope, this year it was 3, so I was down to 2. I was a little skeptical of the magnum (derbi?) just because I knew I’d be abusing the za, so I “tuned” it up (set the timing and “jetted” it, meaning it was good to go!), then got out there. The n8p was pretty dismal with my gearing choice (18×36) in that it would downshift on the hairpin and maybe the big wrap-a-round left, but otherwise I’d be in 2nd with no power through the turns. Not good, but once it hit on the straight, it went pretty fast, seat of the pants maybe 60, but probably more like 55 or less cause I couldn’t top it.

Rafter was really cool and let me throw a spare destroyer on there for the next one, and boy, what a pipe! I’d always kind of just dismissed destroyer power as a fad (really I’m just too cheap to lay down the scrilla), but it holds its own. Similar in its hit to the circuit, but later, and if you tempt the za long enough, it’ll pull through the band and shift right back into it. Fun stuff!

As many are likely aware, there were some rad builds this winter (or last couple weeks), and all were quite impressive. Jimmy and Tony worked together to build a pair of identical awesome flat-reeders. Each is stroked out, ported all nutty like, tuned pretty well, lightened here, strengthened there, and a custom pipe finishes it all off. This things are next level, and both definately have the potential to deliver some quick laps.

Tommy built a vogue, but got the massive mikitech cases and clutch pulley, is running the derbi metra, a 28mm flatslide among other insanity. Its fast, and when its fully tuned and ready, it will be head to head, power wise, the full length of the track.

Dean built the VX4, the most unique moped ever. It has a pinto frame, hobbit cases, derbi cylinder, moby crank, moby er3, derbi rear pulley, hobbit front variator and clutch, hobbit rear pulley and wheel, HPI, hydro ebrs, custom subframe, in-frame gas tank, and probably many other things I forgot. Regardless, its got the potential to eat every moped. The 2 pulley sets variate sequentially, the rear after the front, so tuning is a bit tricky. Unfortunately the bike sustained some damage in the 2nd practice, so he was out for sunday.

With so many (should have been more) amazing bikes, the racing was amazing to watch. Jimmy and Tommy are so competitive, and both go all out. The derbi’s would take the straights but tommy would always be there in the turns and made passes then was passed and so on, and some how Pete got up front on Tony’s monster. Rufus was out there on his bravo as well, not quite as fast, but he gets quicker every lap, so he’ll be exciting to watch.

This beast was 62ccs, something like 6 or 8 hp. Nuts!

I managed to win the e50 polini class as I violated every rule in the book. CDI, disk brakes, 24mm carb, za50, all prohibited, all present. I managed to score a sweet 2 foot trophy and some points. Kick ass! Best of all the bike survived. My fastest lap was 47.something, not terrible for the bike (last year I think I got down to 43 on tom’s derbi, this time the fastest in open was around a 42, and last year the fastest fast was about a 40 by jeff) And for those wanting to race, top tanks are worth their weight in gold. So nice to have something to hang onto. For Gabe, I forgot to check my main in the flatslide, but its either a 165, 180 or 205. Sorry buddy!

So I’m pretty excited for later races, and I really hope more people head out. I’ll be honest, its pretty lame no one showed up. Obviously we all have things going on and whatnot, but come on. We have restrictive rules created for a race with 2 people showing up to ride? That’s exactly the point I guess. Even if you aren’t building something crazy to battle the fast dudes, get out there. Track time is a lot of fun. I’m bummed I have to miss the next one, but I am more excited for June.


Derbi Done (well enough)
March 17, 2009, 5:33 am
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So derbi is done and rippppps. I just retorqued everything, so I need to downjet a tad, and I still want to play with the vario, but whatever.

In case you haven’t been following:
-Metrakit bendy pipe and decomp head
-TJT Variator, Spring and Belt
-24 oko carb
-Michelin M29s tires
-super secret blast technology.

See it at LA, where Hobbits will battle Derbis.

In other news, the Limited is just waiting on tires, and another magnum should be running by LA.

March 9, 2009, 7:11 am
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I got my tank back from rafter at the 77 raffle part, so that and the fork ears were done in white. Rafter did a great job on it all, and I’m excited to get that bike back together. I still need to rebuild the motor (airsal, etc) and paint the 5 stars, maybe that will get done soon.

First though is getting the Limited up and running. The 2 speed suffered some exploded clutches the other night, so I need to pop in a new 1st speed and it should be fine. I got the forks painted and now all thats left is the wheels and I need a throttle. I just scored a set of my favorite tires, of course the michelin m29s, 2.75×17. Brand new and cheap too! Those will get mounted up once everything is together. My goal is to have most of it done by the end of next weekend, and hopefully running.

Derbi is up and running on the oko, but its still too rich and I need to still get that timing dialed in. We’ll see how much gets done this week with a chem midterm. We might get some track time on friday if everything goes to plan. Chappy will probably be on the chop block this week, I guess we’ll see what kind of interest it generates. I guess polini sold their stock chappy for 1k, so I’m hoping for more. Still need to figure out how we are getting to LA.

Derbi-Herbi Updates
February 22, 2009, 5:18 am
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Update day.

So the black magnum has been sold and was delivered yesterday. I also dropped off my tank and fork ears for my next magnum up at Motomatic in sacramento. I’m getting them done in white, the frame is already a brownish gray, and the wheels are going to be black. I’m then going to do some orange stripes on the mags and get some black and orange decals to pull it all together. The airsal and other goodies seen below on the brown magnum will be on it.

I worked all day on derbi today. I had to pull the cases apart to grind away some nubs that the piston was hitting at the bottom of the crank’s rotation. So yea, I got to see all the inards, and its really pretty simple. There are a few gears and a chain, but nothing really exciting. I got the cases back together and the gilardoni bolted up with the metra decomp-head. I got a stock gila intake yesterday (thanks rafter and nate), but I lost it somewhere in my car or something. If I can’t find it I’ll weld something up.

I also bolted on the tjt I got from benji yesterday. Tom was telling me he had all sorts of problems but mine slipped right on and it seems fine. I greased up the rollers as well. I got the TJT pulley spring on, and after hearing a lot about issues with the hobbit version, the tjt is clearly stronger than stock, but not by a whole lot. It should work fine.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up the motor (electronics which are a disaster) and switch my m29s over to the derbi mags and hopefully get the rest of the bike together and ready to run. I also need to cut and reweld my zen pipe, but that should be pretty easy. This bad boy should be running by next weekend if all goes to plan.

I also got some grande forks (thanks ZachLee!) and they fit perfectly on the hobbit. I also got a rear hub for my 16″ puch five star so thats going to be on the back. I’m going to have to weld up a tab for the break plate and hopefully the gearing will work out alright. I feel like its going to be a bit short, but we’ll see eventually. I need some tires but I’m not sure yet. This bike is going to be butt-ugly with all the different parts to it, but it should be decently fast and hopefully nimble. I was originally worried that the wheelbase was going to be too stretched for the frame, but now I’m worried its going to be short. Herbi is going to be on the back burner while the gilarderbi gets going and tuned, but I’ll be getting everything on herbi ready as I go along.