July 20, 2010, 9:16 pm
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thanks for everything MFers and everyone else who helped make this past weekend awesome. Seriously, amazing moped rally ya’ll.

I usually don’t break mopeds but I did this weekend, 3 bikes a total of 4 times. Magdum blasted hard all day friday (16×36 gearing and n8p = amazing!!!), but then I got greedy, went for 20×36, got to open it up only once or twice before the clutches exploded. I say exploded in the most literal sense. Pads gone, spring out, coil busted and the little metal cover exploded. 2nd just lost its material. I’ll get some pictures somewhere. Next I managed to break Travis’s race hobbit twice. First time it went crazy and I was rocking it hot rod style before it bucked a few feet in the air and landed on its side, bending a shock. We thought we fixed it, I tried again and same thing, this time resulting in a busted fork leg. Sorry dude. Sunday I managed to break the decomp on my g3 after narrowly avoiding death.

So again, thanks, Seattle is amazing. I took pictures but left my camera at home in my rush to get to work this morning. I’ll steal some of sean’s when he uploads them.


moped rally
October 19, 2009, 3:45 am
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you probably missed it. We ate pizza, then hung out, then justin’s moped broke (newb!), he coasted down to the bar, we continued to ride through the hills at night. Amazing views and super fun. Only a few almost crashes because it was really dark. Some doubles blasting down big hills and dangerously high speeds were reached. Overall: awesome.

Maybe next time you can show up. We are tentatively planning some sort of rally (maybe mini) for late december/early january. If its raining it won’t happen, but its not going to rain, so don’t worry. This will be in cupertino and beyond. Get your camping gear and dance moves ready.

ride map
October 16, 2009, 8:14 pm
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be there. Its going to be fun. 23 miles of hills, turns and amazing views.



if your coming, meetup at cheeseboard at 7pm. We’ll leave sometime around 7:30. We don’t believe in moped time. We believe in eating then leaving.