’tis the season

hello fellow readers, sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks. Well I am back from Hawaii (1st trip there, so much fun!), and that moped rally in reno is happening this weekend. There should be 6 of us superteens there, so get ready for some crazy fun times.

yesterday we had a little fix-it bbq at my house, and in typical fashion we didn’t get all that much done. Well that’s a lie, Bret got his maxi running after some silly wiring snafu, and Tom got his sweet new variant sport going but it is really really loud and I don’t think my neighbors were all that excited about it.

My green derbi is still being a turd, and after 2 different carburetors and some cleaning I think its time for a 3rd. Hopefully I can get one from Tom tonight, then I can throw that on with the sweet ninja pipe I am borrowing, then it should be able to rip for prolonged periods. When it was running (for exactly 1 float bowl before dying), it was fast. The bored out cylinder, ninja and clutch springs (+TJT) along with a 20t front and super small 32t rear make this bike quick off the line with a predicted top speed over 45 (maybe more downhills!). So yea, I’m excited but not in that its not running now. If I can’t get it dialed I’ll just bring my boring old magnum

Sean is building what may qualify as the ugliest maxi ever. He got an old newport frame out of Matt’s yard (rusty, faded, ugly), is reusing his grungy 5-stars with custom (crusty) white-walled vm100s, some faded old red freespirit forks, some rad bicycle bars, and some random pug shocks. Power wise its solid, with his old athena kit, 21 phbg (he was gonna build an intake, but why do more work when you can just trade parts with Tom?), and a really really chromed out biturbo. All in all practical, ugly, and probably structurally questionable.

Sorry, no photos were taken because we were working super hard, or maybe we were just drinking beer. I’m not sure, but the sausages sure were tasty. See ya’ll in reno.


g3 customz

So I need to get my g3 all spruced up because I never have and it was having some issues, so now is the time. I began going over everything and started to figure out what needs what. Clearly it needs a good cleaning, re-sealing of all the gaskets, new fluids, a new brake cable, the decomp sealed and some other misc stuff to make it all pretty and awesome.

While messing with some electrical stuff I realized how stupid the lower side covers are because there is a 4 inch gap between each some the top of the motor, the lower frame rails and wiring are all exposed. No good. So with Matt over I had to devise a quick plan to fix it. I found a black tray and measured it all out but I didn’t have any way to cut it out. Matt has a band saw but I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first try, so I devised a ghetto-fabulous rig of a hand operated scroll saw upside down in my vice. Super sketch but it worked.

I cut it all out with Matt laughing, did some fine tuning and this is what I got. Everything fits nice and snug and it sure looks better. I should take a picture of the before. Super custom! I was thinking maybe I should get the other upper cover (I only have 1 side), but I put that one on and found the fit was terrible. There is a huge gap between the seat and the cover and it look like poo. So no upper covers.

Oh yea, here is my new derbi thing. Maybe I’ll try and make a post explaining it all but its still all a mystery to me. Maybe try and guess everything on it, its a nutty machine. And of course Matt forgot the jet I needed so its not running right yet. Lame.

4 Loko End is Near
November 16, 2010, 11:38 pm
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I’m sure plenty of you have heard much of the news, the FDA is set to determine the fate of 4 Loko sometime this week. Early indications are that it will be banned.

Part of me is happy because I’ve seen people do some pretty silly things drinking too much, but I’m also bummed because what happened to the idea of moderation? Did my friends who drank several know they would be super drunk? Well yes, it takes a dummy not to know that 24 oz of 12% alcohol will eventually make you very drunk. Why don’t we go after the makers of hard cheap liquor, like plastic bottles of vodka? How many of us don’t know someone who took 10 shots (or more) in 5 minutes and passed out/blacked out, or worse, ended up in the hospital.

I don’t think 4 Loko or Joose are the enemies, its the idiots who drink without any regard. They are not specific to loko. They may be young, but I don’t buy that as a legitimate excuse. If you can’t manage your alcohol you are dumb. If you can’t read a can and judge how it will affect you, again you are dumb. If you drink too much and decide to continue drinking, you are dumb. Simply banning alcopop beverages isn’t going end drinking issues on campus. It won’t stop the number of kids who go to the ER to have their stomachs pumped. I’d be surprised if it had any affect, more so, I would not be shocked if numbers of kids with alcohol poisoning went up after kids drink too much liquor for the first time.

I guess I’m just a bit annoyed by it all. I hate the stuff dearly, but then again its great. I never enjoy drinking it, but I always have fun when I do. I do know I will buy a few to save, for posterity, for my kids who wonder what college was like.

better update
September 19, 2010, 9:36 pm
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kinda. My birthday is today, and I’m a bit tired. Not much sleep this weekend starting on thursday night (I made a mess), then even less friday (clean), and then tons on saturday, but I’ve been behind all week so I’m just sitting here now writing about this instead of raging more for my b-day. Nick took a few shots last night at the beer garden following an amazing bbq, thanks!

In moped news, I think I have a solid bike for the rally this coming weekend. I walked in my shed saturday trying to figure out my plan of my options. I could either keep the freederbi and tune it up, rebuild the za and put it on the magnum frame, or pull the kickstart off the freederbi, pull the hero puch cylinder and put my polini/n8p on there.

I obviously decided on the later as it was the least work, allows for the best breaks, the frame is registered and insured, and so on. Pulling and swapping everything was a breeze minus the chain. For some reason the 14t sprocket I have isn’t aligned just right, so the chain jumps just a tad bit every now and then. After spending a good 45 minutes trying different chains (and in turn wheels and sprocket combos), I ended up with a 420 chain with 2 master links. Its a bit janky, but it spins nicely, and even better now that its all lubed up.

The motor fired right up and runs well, but the low end is pretty pathetic. The 2 shoe in there is not all that great (I got it from rafter last year after I managed to stick mine on the magnumx), so paired with the n8p its a dog off the line. I’m geared 14×40 so it has a bit of speed, but in all this confirms my hatred for the e50. With the polini (mine especially), you get low end or top, so it stinks. I would put my proma on, but its almost cracked all the way around and my silencer was up in berkeley so tuning it wouldn’t happen. It works, and I think it will survive.

To ensure this, I got one of those rad temp gauges, and there are indeed awesome. I’ve still got a dull spot early in the range, but cruising at top speed down the street only got me up to 365. Cruising about 40 was running even lower. I know I could lean it out a bit, but might as well play it safe and be ready 150+ miles this weekend. It’ll be nice knowing when I’m in the danger zone blasting across the GGB.

Again no photos, sorry kids. Here is one. I live on frat row, so my friends and I made this for our rush events. Most people didn’t get it.

pinto madness
June 9, 2010, 10:04 pm
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Today was fix the pinto day, and I didn’t finish cause it was my brother’s b-day and we had to eat ribs and eat cheesecake.


The bike was actually in great shape, well besides the ugly paint. Its not actually that bad, just faded and rusted and ugly. Someone thought it’d be cool to just paint everything, bolts, cables and wires included. At least they took the tank off and taped off the chrome. Good job! It’s kinda funny they went from nice orange to yellow.

Regardless, the thing had great spark, solid wiring, good compression and just the typical varnished carb. So I just attacked this the easy way: soaked the carb, checked the points, refilled the tranny, rinsed out the tank, replaced the petcock, cleaned up the wiring, and replaced the throttle cable. I hate throttle cables.

Finally got everything together and started 2nd kick with the choke on. It idles nice, and revs up really well. It sounds like its going to be kinda quick too! All the lights, switches and horn even work.

Tomorrow I’ll get some finished pictures after I pull the wheels off, clean the brakes, replace the tubes and put in new rim strips, and replace the drive chain. Maybe I’ll even polish it up a bit, but probably not. Then its time to blast! Oh, I HATE how high the stock seat sits over the tank. UGLY.

January 11, 2010, 12:50 pm
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Most people like puchs. I like my magnum, but thats about it. After a lot of them, I was bored. So I traded my nice swinger (originally with a za50 and 5 stars, now with flakes and an e50) for a sweet sachs g3. I used to have a general with a 505 that I really liked, so I figured I ought to get a sachs because they are pretty bad ass.

Outgoing swinger:

So I traded for this pretty G3 with a 505-1D. It runs pretty well and is in pretty good shape. The coaster brake is weird, but overall I’m pretty excited. Maybe one day I’ll get it a 2 or 3 speed motor. Now all my mopeds are either all or have some red. Pretty sweet!

New G3:

racer? no.
October 24, 2009, 7:54 am
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So today I decided to begin pulling the derbi apart after the crank managed to bend itself up really good in atwater. I began pulling the polini, the ignition, and other stuff, but then matt came over with an impact, and I noticed I had another piston port motor (which managed to look brand new under the covers), so I figured I’d throw it on the variant. Upon pulling the sad motor I found this:

I dunno if that should worry me.

So I pulled the pulley, put on the little plastic guides for the swingarm mounts, and bolted the motor up. After about an hour messing with the stupid throttle cable and hooking up the electrics, I had a rad-tastic running derbi. The C5 pipe is certainly a nice touch, I’m sure you will agree. Its all stock, so its slow, maybe 30 on flats, 35 downhill, but whatever, it runs. I’ll probably phbg it, add cdi, and some other crap and I’ll have a sweet moped for around town. I think its awesome. Skid-zies and stoppies all over town. Oh yea, it’s got the super rare Spacetronic Ignition System. So rad!