I’ve been missing for a bit, but am still around. The frevolution has been kicking it, and I finally pulled the custom built pipe from my derbi race bike off so it doesn’t get destroyed by the streets (and fog) of SF. I got one of those fasmem pipes from treats and had to add a little bracket and trim my transmission cover a tad to get the fit. I had a little electrical issue (read: custom construction = melted headlight) and got a replacement that was creating some gremlins. Some crafty work and now all systems are a go. It doesn’t run nearly as well as it did with the simoni pipe, but a little tuning ought to help out. It does fit on nicely though.

Next up might be a throwback: decking out my clean newport with a gila/phbg ripper setup and mobbing that around town. The details are unclear, but I have a few kits sitting and I want something a little different for the city. I love the start 3 derbi motor but I don’t want to go all crazy with it and unfortunately am limited on gearing by preserving the puch swingarm/wheels. So I’m thinking simple e50 build on a nice base. Should be simple and fun to ride around. With some luck I’ll have a post or two about it.

Oh yeah, got another toy, but it still needs a little work. More on that later.


New Newport
September 26, 2011, 6:45 pm
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So the new bike is a Newport, a 78 Newport L to be exact. I know, not too exciting, but I only bought it because it is just about perfect. And black. Here it is:

I got it, a cover, a sweet 80s bubble helmet, full puch service manual, 1981 puch sales literature, grocery baskets, the original manual, and keys for the fork lock.

It was stored indoors, and was sold new just down the street from my house. The carb was filthy, but a quick cleaning and it was ready(ish) to go. A test ride found the carb was still clogged and not letting fuel into the bowl, so I swapped the body and boom, done. That and I had to patch the tube. The photos show how I got the bike, I’ve done zero cleaning and its still super sharp. I’m pretty excited about riding this one around stock for a bit.