derbi, attempt 4
August 20, 2009, 2:56 am
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racer renditions:
1-gila, 24 oko, metra bendy pipe. Seized in the canyon in LA, got it running, matt raced it, seized it again.
2-gila, 24 mikuni, metra bendy. seized by matt again.
3-gila, 24 oko, puch cdi, zen. seized racing
4-current build.

so the previous builds all had their own issues. I thought number three was solid, and it ran well, but super noob jetting made me seize it. So yea, now its being done better, maybe not perfect, but better no less.

I wanted to run a metra 80, but those pistons are not available, so I’m going to run my polini instead. New intake, ported the exhaust and transfers a bit more, cleaned up the case matching, milled stock head ghetto polished, and its going to run a 24 mikuni. I got the selettra cdi just cause, so we’ll see what that does. The zen has been re-angled too many times, and it needs to be done once more. Hopefully everything together will equal a sweet blaster. I need to get a piston tomorrow, fix the pipe, and it should basically be good to go after double checking the timing. I don’t know if it will be crazy fast, I doubt it, but it should run well. I just want a shit ton of midrange like tom’s bike so its quick through the turns. I’d like to change clutch springs too, but we’ll see about that later. Paired with amazing brakes, I should be able to get some decent lap times.

check out these sweet bikes:


1st test
March 21, 2009, 7:32 am
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So I rode derbi today around some hills, through the twisties and wide open for days. It passed my abuse, no babying, up the mountain where everyone else slows, I was held up by cars being held up by mopeds. Lame! I also was a tad faster top end than Mr. Gabe’s super sick gilardoni’d pinto. To his credit, he wasn’t really tuned that well, but I won’t talk about my “extensive” jetting procedures.

So I was all excited, I even tuned my variator a bit more when we got back, but Tom’s shit still destroyed me off the line, like I wasn’t even there. He wheelies and goes super good, but I have a little more top end, and I almost caught him, but fuck, he’s fast! He’s got a little extra clutch slip (worn more?) which is cool, but I’m not sure I want auto wheelie, but I do want super acceleration blast mode. I need a clutch puller and some springs, but I doubt thats going to happen before LA, and he’s not bringing his down, so no one will know?

so despite my initial hesitance towards derbis, I think they are super duper awesome. My bike is like constant 8-11k rpms and it can hold it for days, not getting too hot or doing anything stupid. My bike is super solid through the turns, stable and grippy, no scary flexing, and its pretty fun going by other mopeds in a stock position. If anyone wants to ride it in LA, I’ll probably let you. So stoked!