Cuperteens Racing Fail
April 11, 2009, 5:13 pm
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So race weekend over in atwater was amazing. I’m sure most people heard how fun it was, and it really was.

The Cuperteens race team pretty much sucked it up though. Saturday was practice, Tom riding his racer derbi. 3 laps out he soft seizes it and loses his lower ring compression. He fixed it, went back out for the final practice in the evening, then proceeded to lock up his big end bearing on the derbi crank. Racer derbi #1 OUT.

Matt was riding my derbi and he was doing very well. The bike was ripping during the 1st practice, and then got worse and worse. The bike developed a nasty bog mid-range, and by the end of it, wouldn’t start, idle or really do anything. I pulled it apart after the final practice and found the results of my LA blasting the previous weekend. Soft seize! I also lost my lower ring, exhaust side, and only had about 60 compression. Tom was nice enough to let me use his piston (fixed after his soft seize), so I bolted it back up, better piston, his intake and his mikuni instead of my OKO. It fired right up and ran like a champ. Sunday qualifying went well, Matt placing 4th, but 8 laps into the 1st race heat, the rear wheel locked up and it seized again. Once again mostly exhaust side.

Tom ended up riding Matt’s stockish derbi, and pissing people off, but he seemed to have a good time out there.

Our derbis have tons of potential, but we didn’t execute very well. Matt actually managed to get the 3rd fastest lap time of the weekend in the 1st heat, but my negligence in tuning and all that prevented him from finishing. My bike had a lot of issues (exhaust leak, timing had slipped, slight intake leak, etc) that I now wish I had addressed prior. We will be back out there next time, Matt probably riding my derbi again, and Tom one of his 11 bikes, and Justin actually on a moped this time. I’m hoping to get out there, but we will see.


February 27, 2009, 9:36 pm
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yea, it runs now. so sweeet! My decomp cable snapped, so starting its a little awkward, but it runs pretty decent. I need to double check the timing, get rid of a little exhaust leak, and dial in the jetting, but already it pulls to high speeds and has pretty sweet acceleration. I’m currently utilizing bungee mount technology for the pipe. I also need a new belt.

so stoked! Race practice on sunday!