4 wheel racing
December 1, 2010, 12:10 am
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Over the break a few cuperteens as well as some not so long lost friends went go karting. There is this sweet indoor place about a half hour away, so we loaded up and got ready.

You get to wear funny race suits (probably not fire proof, dangerous!) and then you go out and blast. The first time around its crazy. Watching the karts look slow, but when you get in there and start mobbing its pretty intense. After 10 minutes some benchmark times were set by our SAE Autocross buddies from Cal Poly Pomona, so we all talked some big game and got back out there for the race. I knocked a second of my laps, but still fell 2nd to our friend frank I was 2 1/100s behind. GAAA, That dude is fast!

Its rad getting out there and picking the fastest lines through the track. Its got some tricky turns and finding just the right line really is tough, and being consistent is even harder. Everyone had tons of fun and after we went to the always fun Gourmet Haus for some quality German beer (by the boot if you are a lady under 5 feet tall!). We will be back over winter break better and faster and uhh, ready to WIN!

Did I mention we went to the snow? Holy heck! Wednesday was opening day, and with nearly 10 feet over the weekend it was one to remember. Only a third of the mountain was open, but it was fluffy (almost) bottomless and a crazy fun. I’m super pumped for the coming months.

Oh yea, I wanted to also say thanks cause more people visited my blog last month than ever (3000+ views). For some reason people check out the crap I post (and maybe even read some of it), so hopefully it is somewhat entertaining. Lemme know what you think of content. I can add more/less of whatever y’all want.



ok, first midterm done, so I’ve got some time. So yes, as stated the polini cup was awesome. I should have studied all weekend, but instead I went to atwater and tried to race.

Cuperteens broken race team: the story of the year. (Check out my rad c5 in the background. Thanks Colby!)

It was a tough morning. I got my bike all together last week and was basically hoping it would survive the races. I went out in qualifying and my bike was a turd. It wouldn’t rev through the pipe on the straight, so I was just cruising. I tried to make a few adjustments before twist and go qualifying, but it just got worse, with my bike even slower on the straight and the variator binding and making for horrid power. So after re-timing the bike, down jetting, replacing the rear pulley, switched back to a stock spring, changing the variator weights, and re-adjusting tire pressure it was time for the moped race.

I didn’t ride very well, I think I got 6th in the first moped race. I somehow managed to get out in front of everyone but tommy and jeff, but poor lines through the twisties quickly yielded lost spots to first jimmy, then elliot (on the e5, so sick!), then ultimately terry dean when I went super wide on the hairpin. I then proceded to suck even more, almost falling at least twice (2 wheel drifts!), the actually having a decent rematch vs. Latebird Nik. Unfortunately he fell on the last lap but was ok. I managed to get then 3rd or 4th in twist and go (tommy broke), but my bike was super janky.

I then proceeded to replace my shocks (tom lent everything to me, a real trooper after his crank twisted up saturday), but missed the dash for cash. I had WestCoast Ben (or Ben Jammin) ride his sick derbi, but it was a bit out of tune. Terry Dean ripped it up out there and won like $120. So awesome!

I got back out there for moped 2, but on after the 1st lap I had some crazy vibrations and turns out my crank twisted just like tom’s. Bummer! I guess this was the 10th crank i’ve destroyed, dunno. So someone had to get out there for twist and go, and luckily the mosquito bus brought mr. travis and his rad hobbit, so he put on the boots and ripped it up out there, getting 4th in the most entertaining race ever (with tommy on the jog).

So yea, racing was awesome. Jeff managed to hang on to the win in mopeds, with elliot on the e5 just narrowly behind (with another lap or 2, who knows!). He took home the metro rider for 1st overall on the season. Jimmy was second and got a rad helmet, which he earned after nearly knocking himself out in the dash for cash, and tommy rounded up the podium in 3rd.

The puch polini racing was also epic. The first race had Round, Jimmy and Alan all neck and neck right up to the last lap. Alan managed to pass jimmy on the last turn of the last lap and took it home. The 2nd race was slightly less intense because alan fell, but still awesome with jimmy and round battling hard. I’m super excited about this class next season.

Somehow I managed to get 3rd overall in twist and go for the season, so I won a big box full of oil and cleaners, some posters, and a sweet key chain! Tommy got 2nd and got some rad racing slicks for his pitbike! (he has one, right?) Mr. Scooter Rumple got 1st. We will get him next year.

Ok, so thats it. The Polini Cup was rad. Polini USA did an amazing job all year making this happen. Big thanks to them, 1977Mopeds, and everyone else who made racing this year a reality. Atwater has been great, and I’m super stoked about next season. More parties (that bus better be back down), more racing, and more fun overall. I’ll post some pictures of my new builds as they happen over the winter.

limited rebuild
July 2, 2009, 4:53 am
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So back in LA I noticed the rear wheel of my magnum had a little bit of play in it. I proceeded to blast a lot of people and hit personal land speed records. The other day as I rolled the limited on the stand I noticed the rear wheel now had about an inch of play (at the tire) and I dunno, I guess thats bad. So I pull the wheel apart and find some nice bearings. One is all crusty, the other looks almost decent, but 1 or 2 balls are dislodged from the cage and they move around way too much. I don’t want that blowing up at 55, so new bearings are in route.

The motor is getting closer, and now I have a lot of CDI boxes to try. I’ve got the OG hero box that I used for a few months that ripped, but benji thinks these others may in fact be a little better, so we’ll see. I’ve got these 3 to test and the other box is currently living on derbi if I need it.

I got a place to live, so now its time to finish the mopeds. I’m going to bring derbi (i think i decided on variant sport frame over ds50), and I need to finish the white magnum and sell it, just a few cosmetic touches there, and I want to get the limited running just as well as it did before, and I’d like to station that in the city for moped rides, and I need to get my racer tidied up for the september (maybe july???) races. So yea, I’ve got a lot to do. All must rip. Oh yea, fixed my friend’s derbi, turned out a ground was disconnected. Super nOOb

derbi dreams?
May 22, 2009, 5:42 am
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Its been a tough day. 2 amazing mopeds so close yet so far. We will see what happens with them, but probably out of reach right now.

Gilarderbi is almost alive again. Well it is, but I had some not fun today with ignition, so I go back to stock tomorrow. I also need bigger balls and more patience. Stoppies! I’m also really good at using a timing light now, so thats cool. Matt’s bike is really fast, its going to rip. The polini ciao is really awesome… I’m looking forward to a 12 year old in moped class.

I bought leathers today. I hope that means what you think it does.

January 7, 2009, 5:57 am
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We had a pretty sweet ride sunday with a total of 20 mopeds. It was us, some mopedheads, so other san jose people are creatures elliot, bella, zachlee and josh. We cruised around up into the hills and stuff and it was exciting. The last part of the ride, through the twisty sidewalk in 7-springs was by far the best followed by sparks and shots at matt’s house. I heard we are doing calaveras next week, another amazing ride.

I rode the magnum and it did ok. I was kind-of leading because I always do, but I was topping out around 55ish but was initially running super lean. I tightened up a head leak and it was better but its still screaming at high rpms. I guess its ok because it survived, but I re-gasketed and sealed the head so that should help some more.

We built a new pipe for it the day before out of an estoril, stock magnum pipe, tecno header and hebo silencer. We de-restricted the estoril, added some tapered header, shortened the original header dramatically, and welded on the shittiest silencer ever. Its actually louder with it on than nothing, fucking annoying. Performance wise, its a huge step over the simonini with a large header and all, but its still not “pulling” like it should. I am going to mess with the ignition timing next. Yesterday I replaced the silencer with the one from my zen (stubby little one) and its WAY quieter. I’ll ultimately clean the welds and paint it black.

Comparing cuperhebo, n8p, simonini:

The newport is still around, apparently no one wants to buy mopeds right now, but I guess $800 is too much. I guess I understand the mentality that a few hundred more gets you a warranty from 77, but I dunno. This bike has been so dependable for me, my brother and his roommate that I really feel its worth the price. I might sell it to my russian friend who needs a new moped to get to school since he moved and no longer has his landlord’s available. The bullet is back on (after testing the n8p which actually performed amazingly, equal low end and really rev’d it out, maybe 40).

I might try to get the cobra this weekend, still chilling in the mountains.

Derbi is progressing, today I case matched it.

I hope to have a 2nd magnum going by sunday. cleaned the ltd tank today, getting the frame ready to paint.

oh yea, I fixed the magnumX today. Benji hooked up the kickstart spring, and after forgetting how to re-assemble, I got it together-puzzle!- and now it works great. The old spring had cracked. Now I just need a choke slide for the 17 bing.