Later G3
June 27, 2011, 1:12 pm
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I sold the G3 today; it ended up with a friend of the dude I bought it from, so it should be in good hands. It wasn’t acting too nicely when he went to ride it, not wanting to idle for him (but did so fine for me). I guess he’s gonna throw on a SHA which should help because that square bing is annoying.

In other news I finally switched the rear tire on my swinger, which was well overdue as the old rear had a tear, a bulge, flatspots, and was overall a bit sketch. The 2.5 tire barely clears the swingarm, but it works fine. The bummer there is that my stock pipe has a little hairline crack on the header and my other stock pipe doesn’t line up right with the mount. Silly mopeds.

Next order of business is getting the Variant running better and shoring up the race bike, and some other crap. Still too many mopeds.


whoa what happened
June 23, 2011, 6:15 pm
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I don’t know what happened, but here I am. Back from Reno, living the dream right now. On the topic of reno, it was pretty rad. I liked riding mopeds around and meeting cool peeps, but my pipe mounting bracket decided to snap so I had to rig some fencing to hold it on. After amazing clutch blasting and the broken pipe I decided it was time to change the fluid and switch pipes. Fluid was black, now I have some fresh synthetic 10w-50 in there and its still slipping like a dream, but with the n8p it needs to be geared shorter. Also, its really freaking loud, but the cop I rode by didn’t seem to care.

Check out the custom clutch puller. Also the perfect clutch shoes.

Here are some photos of my trials today. The heat is gone and it’s nice out, so now I can hang out in my shed without dying. I’ve got 2 projects in the works, if one of them actually comes together be ready for the craziest bike ever?

Oh yea, got the G3 running but it needs a choke and some type F. It sure looks pretty though.

Finally, if you haven’t seen Fast 5 yet, GO NOW! Saw it last night and wow, it was way better than I expected; almost as good or maybe just maybe better than tokyo drift. You be the judge.

g3 customz

So I need to get my g3 all spruced up because I never have and it was having some issues, so now is the time. I began going over everything and started to figure out what needs what. Clearly it needs a good cleaning, re-sealing of all the gaskets, new fluids, a new brake cable, the decomp sealed and some other misc stuff to make it all pretty and awesome.

While messing with some electrical stuff I realized how stupid the lower side covers are because there is a 4 inch gap between each some the top of the motor, the lower frame rails and wiring are all exposed. No good. So with Matt over I had to devise a quick plan to fix it. I found a black tray and measured it all out but I didn’t have any way to cut it out. Matt has a band saw but I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first try, so I devised a ghetto-fabulous rig of a hand operated scroll saw upside down in my vice. Super sketch but it worked.

I cut it all out with Matt laughing, did some fine tuning and this is what I got. Everything fits nice and snug and it sure looks better. I should take a picture of the before. Super custom! I was thinking maybe I should get the other upper cover (I only have 1 side), but I put that one on and found the fit was terrible. There is a huge gap between the seat and the cover and it look like poo. So no upper covers.

Oh yea, here is my new derbi thing. Maybe I’ll try and make a post explaining it all but its still all a mystery to me. Maybe try and guess everything on it, its a nutty machine. And of course Matt forgot the jet I needed so its not running right yet. Lame.