derbi, attempt 4
August 20, 2009, 2:56 am
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racer renditions:
1-gila, 24 oko, metra bendy pipe. Seized in the canyon in LA, got it running, matt raced it, seized it again.
2-gila, 24 mikuni, metra bendy. seized by matt again.
3-gila, 24 oko, puch cdi, zen. seized racing
4-current build.

so the previous builds all had their own issues. I thought number three was solid, and it ran well, but super noob jetting made me seize it. So yea, now its being done better, maybe not perfect, but better no less.

I wanted to run a metra 80, but those pistons are not available, so I’m going to run my polini instead. New intake, ported the exhaust and transfers a bit more, cleaned up the case matching, milled stock head ghetto polished, and its going to run a 24 mikuni. I got the selettra cdi just cause, so we’ll see what that does. The zen has been re-angled too many times, and it needs to be done once more. Hopefully everything together will equal a sweet blaster. I need to get a piston tomorrow, fix the pipe, and it should basically be good to go after double checking the timing. I don’t know if it will be crazy fast, I doubt it, but it should run well. I just want a shit ton of midrange like tom’s bike so its quick through the turns. I’d like to change clutch springs too, but we’ll see about that later. Paired with amazing brakes, I should be able to get some decent lap times.

check out these sweet bikes:


derbi2 done(ish)
July 19, 2009, 11:35 pm
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so the flat reed is 96% done. Details:

65cc cast iron metrakit
bendy metrakit pipe
boyesen dual stage reeds
19 phbg racer
6 roller vario w/ tjt weights
ds50 ignition and gearing
fresh gazelles
ghetto spray paint, seat, overall. Its a 15-footer

Its not super nice, but it looks slightly less stolen now. Runs ok, needs some tuning, and I'd love a smaller front sprocket for more low end. Its good now, but I don't want to go really fast, just get to speed fast. Not much else to say. This bad boy is coming to berkeley with me. Later on it will get properly blasted and powdercoated, but I couldn't resist a $6 makeover. So I've got about $600 in this thing now, maybe a little less, but not bad considering its potential. I still need to make my kickstand longer and get my pedal cranks back and on.

Derbi Done (well enough)
March 17, 2009, 5:33 am
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So derbi is done and rippppps. I just retorqued everything, so I need to downjet a tad, and I still want to play with the vario, but whatever.

In case you haven’t been following:
-Metrakit bendy pipe and decomp head
-TJT Variator, Spring and Belt
-24 oko carb
-Michelin M29s tires
-super secret blast technology.

See it at LA, where Hobbits will battle Derbis.

In other news, the Limited is just waiting on tires, and another magnum should be running by LA.

upjetting is for losers
March 2, 2009, 7:38 am
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I still haven’t tuned my shit (wind, rain and other obligations), but I decided to get a 24 oko for derbi. I got a bigger intake from benji (24.3mm inner diameter), and the oko and all the jets and stuff. Everything fit right up except the throttle cable, so now I need a new one, and am waiting on that. After riding 3 race bikes (mine, creature jimmy’s and tom’s), I feel like I’m doing well. My bike performed similarly to Jimmy’s decked out peugeot, but both pale in comparison to tom’s derbi. I think the bigger carb and actually tuning the carb and ignition should get mine to pull as hard as his. Front wheel lift is unavoidable if you dump the throttle through turns! Oh yea, new TJT belt seems to have removed any/all variator lag, so now it won’t be scary to ride anymore. I should have it running tuesday or so, basically as soon as the new cable comes. Race practice was cancelled today due to rain. We are hoping to get some track time this week.

Some new parts for the flat reed motor came as well, so I’m getting excited. Benji is the parts master. I sent him a wishlist, and the next day, seemingly reading my mind, what I wanted arrived in treatland. I want a derbi rear wheel for herbi because the 5 star hub may cause some issues with sprocket alignment and tabs have to be added to the swingarm. I’ll update if I get anymore parts or make any progress.

Also, I got my magnum back up and running. I needed a moped running last night, so I’m using my brown frame, ups tank and other goodies, 2 speed polini and more. Its pretty quick now, very fun!