Derbi-Herbi Updates
February 22, 2009, 5:18 am
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Update day.

So the black magnum has been sold and was delivered yesterday. I also dropped off my tank and fork ears for my next magnum up at Motomatic in sacramento. I’m getting them done in white, the frame is already a brownish gray, and the wheels are going to be black. I’m then going to do some orange stripes on the mags and get some black and orange decals to pull it all together. The airsal and other goodies seen below on the brown magnum will be on it.

I worked all day on derbi today. I had to pull the cases apart to grind away some nubs that the piston was hitting at the bottom of the crank’s rotation. So yea, I got to see all the inards, and its really pretty simple. There are a few gears and a chain, but nothing really exciting. I got the cases back together and the gilardoni bolted up with the metra decomp-head. I got a stock gila intake yesterday (thanks rafter and nate), but I lost it somewhere in my car or something. If I can’t find it I’ll weld something up.

I also bolted on the tjt I got from benji yesterday. Tom was telling me he had all sorts of problems but mine slipped right on and it seems fine. I greased up the rollers as well. I got the TJT pulley spring on, and after hearing a lot about issues with the hobbit version, the tjt is clearly stronger than stock, but not by a whole lot. It should work fine.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up the motor (electronics which are a disaster) and switch my m29s over to the derbi mags and hopefully get the rest of the bike together and ready to run. I also need to cut and reweld my zen pipe, but that should be pretty easy. This bad boy should be running by next weekend if all goes to plan.

I also got some grande forks (thanks ZachLee!) and they fit perfectly on the hobbit. I also got a rear hub for my 16″ puch five star so thats going to be on the back. I’m going to have to weld up a tab for the break plate and hopefully the gearing will work out alright. I feel like its going to be a bit short, but we’ll see eventually. I need some tires but I’m not sure yet. This bike is going to be butt-ugly with all the different parts to it, but it should be decently fast and hopefully nimble. I was originally worried that the wheelbase was going to be too stretched for the frame, but now I’m worried its going to be short. Herbi is going to be on the back burner while the gilarderbi gets going and tuned, but I’ll be getting everything on herbi ready as I go along.


Racing Parts (part 1)
December 4, 2008, 2:36 am
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So I got my gilardoni, pipe and head today. The gilardoni was soft seized, but the damage was very minimal. There are a few scores in the piston, but the cylinder is fine and its got new rings. I’m sure it will do great, especially for an unbeatable price. I got the stock reeds with it and an intake to run a phbg on a e50, so I’m going to have to fab up an intake. I’ll get some pics of that, and you will see how tight (and perfectly) the gila fits in my variant frame.

The head is a metrakit 47mm decom head designed for the flat reed cylinders,  and its basically identical to the stock head except well its bigger. I’m going to have to figure out how to make the decomp work as there is no hole in the cylinder from the head sealing point to the exhaust port. I saw lee make the hole for a peugeot cylinder, but I could just as easily just cut out a small channel out of the decomp channel to open air. Regardless, it will make the bike way easier to start and I won’t have to cut any fins.

The pipe is a 75cc zen which is hydroformed. The header has a HUGE inner diameter and the chamber is nearly the size of a doppler. It looks pretty but I’m going to have to cut it and slightly re-angle it so its not dragging too low. I’m also going to have to add a bracket to support it because the one on there aligns with the swingarm and thats not going to work.

I also ran into rafter today at 77, and I think I’m going to have the frame powdercoated. I’m thinking green and black.

December 3, 2008, 2:00 am
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So it turns out we will be doing some real moped racing this coming spring and summer. I am pretty excited, and I’ve been talking to everyone to see who wants to race and what they might be riding. I think the main factor of people not racing will simply be purchasing full leathers and boots. New they can be very expensive, but in a few quick searches I’ve found some on ebay for $150 and some nice ones locally for $125. So I’m not too worried about that. Boots will be easy, and I’ll probably splurge on some good gloves.

I’ve also been curious as to what the other teams will be racing upon. I’ve heard 77 will be building 2 or 3 racer peugeots, and that rafter and motomatic are building some crazy variated minarelli and others. I think I know whats best, and thats my build!

So I’ve got a solid derbi variant, but unfortunately its piston port. There are zero piston port kits out there (everything is for those flat-reeders), but I do have an advantage: puch kits! So I am going to pick up a Gilardoni kit tomorrow, as well as a 75cc derbi zen pipe (hydroformed beauty), and I’ve already got the carb. I’m waiting on benji to get some more variators, but thats it! Derbi builds are cheap:

  • Gilardoni – $150 used
  • Derbi Zen Pipe – $175
  • TJT Variator – $100 or so
  • Belt – $35
  • 21 PHBG – $90
  • 2.5×17 Michelin m29s slicks – $50

So for a mere $550 (well 400 as I’ve got the carb) I’ll have a blast monster derbi that can probably take on the best. I’m pretty excited because for under $700 (the bike was $150) I’ll have something really fun to ride. I’ve definitely got a lot to learn as far as actual racing goes, but I know my bike will be there. Derbi’s are the best handling and most comfortable moped I’ve ridden so far.

I’ll be tearing the derbi down probably starting wednesday next week, prep it for paint (black and green), and build up the motor. I’ve heard the stock cranks can be iffy, but replacements are available and I’ll take my chances initially. If I blow it up, I’ll then rebuild the bottom end. Many might not agree, but whatever. The motor should be up and running in no time, and if everything goes to plan, I’ll be blasting before the new year! 

Watch out for the Cuperteens Race Team. 2 Gila-Derbi’s and some other nasty concoctions.